Study of Various Hematological Parameters and Iron Status among Voluntary Blood Donors

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International Journal of Medicine and Public Health,2017,7,1,61-65.
Published:March 2017
Type:Original Article

Study of Various Hematological Parameters and Iron Status among Voluntary Blood Donors

Hemali Jayantilal Tailor1, Prashant Ramanbhai Patel1, Amrish Kumar Narhari Prasad Pandya2, Sarita Mangukiya3

1Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Baroda Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat, India.

2Professor, Department of IHBT, Government Medical College, Surat, Gujarat, India.

3Tutor, Department of Biochemistry, Government Medical College, Surat, Gujarat, India.


Introduction: Iron deficiency is a complication of regular blood donation. To recruit and retain regular voluntary blood donors, the iron status of the donors needs to be identified. Objective: The present study was done using a combination of hematological and iron status parameters to detect prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia in the voluntary blood donors. Method: Complete blood count was performed on three part hematology analyzer and serum ferritin was measured by standard enzyme immunoassay technique on 393 random voluntary blood donor samples. Ferritin values below 15 μg/L were considered iron deficient, 15- 20 borderline, and above 20 normal. Results: Out of 393 donors, 111 first time and 282 repeat donors. The repeat donors were subdivided into different subgroups like as per their last donation into group I to IV, and as per their frequency of donation into group A to D. First time donors had higher mean serum ferritin levels than that in repeat donors. 28.5 % of blood donors had depleted iron stores (serum ferritin 20 time donation frequency and last donation within 3-5 months. Conclusion: There was a significant correlation between the frequency of donations, last donation interval and the serum ferritin measurement so it should be included in the assessment of regular blood donors to secure adequate iron reserves in the donor population and there is a need to modify the donor acceptance criteria.

Mean and SD value of different parameters in first time donors and repeat donors

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